Assembly Pressure Sensor Card

Pressure sensor card for Mercury intruments
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Pressure transducer card for Mercury instruments.
Product features:
• Plug and go card for Oxford Instruments Mercury Instrumentation
• For use with MercuryiTC or MasteriPS master
• A/D Resolution: 24-bit
• Maximum reading rate: Up to 4 readings per sec.
• Absolute accuracy: ±0.1% full scale in each range
• Voltage Ranges: 10V, 1.6V, 0.8V, 0.4V, 0.2V, 0-0.1V (Auto-ranging)
• Current Ranges: 4-20mA (20mA, 16mA, 8mA, 4mA Auto-ranging)
• Sensor Excitation Voltage: 0 V(off) , 10V±5% or 15V±5%
• Sensor Excitation Current: 0 - 20 mA
• Supported sensor types: Voltage, Current and Ratiometric

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