Enamelled Dewar - 2 Litres

A range of rust and corrosion resistant Dewars with cushioned bases is available with wide or narrow necks, without a handle or lid.
$ 274.00
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A range of low-cost utility enamelled Dewar flasks specially designed for using in the laboratory as well as hospital and industrial use.
These economical 2L Dewar flasks are safe for use with all liquid gases and ideal for cold traps.

High-quality borosilicate glass inner flasks, ultra-low evacuated in attractive blue stove-enameled tough steel outer container.

These flasks feature a blue enameled stainless steel outer container and are resistant to rust and corrosion and have cushioned bases and are available with wide or narrow necks, with a fold down handle and insulated lid.

They are available in four capacity sizes.

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