SH8 Sample holder, complete with modified sample rod for Optistatv (59-A7-140)

SH8 cuvette holder, complete with modified sample rod for Optistat that can hold any regular cell from the hellma product range.
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Cuvette sample holder that can hold any rectangular cell (from the Hellma product range) with a path length of up to 10mm.This cuvette holder leaves enough space for an appropriate support and stopper. Supplies with modified sample rod for the Optistat.

This configuration does not require the thermal link A7-103. Diameter 19mm, overall length 65mm, Optical access 4 x 10mm clear.

The Optistat CF-V is a vacuum loading continuous flow cryostat.
Liquid cryogen is drawn from a separate helium or nitrogen storage dewar and circulated through the heat exchanger in the cryostat. The cryogen flow is regulated by a needle valve on the transfer tube. Precise temperature control is obtained using an ITC temperature controller.

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