Silberschnitt® Carbide glass cutter (single)

The Silberschnitt® glass cutter comes with 6 cutting wheels and is designed for general cutting. These are particularly economical as the wheels and turrets are replaceable. The cutting heads are nickel plated.
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Glass cutter for general cutting tasks, especially economical as wheels are exchangeable and turrets and cutting heads are nickel-plated.

Six cutting wheels made of alloyed steel, guaranteeing high cutting quality and long service life. The turrets and cutting heads are nickel-plated and an oil-soaked felt ring supplies lubrication for wheels and axles. The handle is produced exclusively from ecologically controlled and approved varieties of wood.

  • Exchangeable wheels
  • Turrets and cutting heads are nickel-plated
  • Cutting angle 130°
  • Straight edge stand-off distance 3/32 in (2.5 mm)


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