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For general enquiries about the eStore, how it works, how to place a PO or open a credit line to pay against pre issued invoice please email


If you have any questions around your order, payment, status or fulfilment, please contact us by phone on the following numbers. 

Our team are available Monday-Friday 7am-7pm MST. 

Order Placement        Email |  +1 (213) 550 3824 opt.2

Order Enquiries          Email |  +1 (213) 550 3824 opt.1

If you wish to place an order by email, please download the order form here. Please be aware that this is only available to customers that are already registered with Oxford Instruments.

Please note: We currently serve the following countries: Australia, India, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. If you want to place an order but you are outside of the countries listed above please contact the business unit directly (listed below).


If you have any technical enquiries or would like any extra technical information about any of the products sold on our eStore, please contact the specific Oxford Instruments Business Unit Customer Service by either email or phone as listed below. 

Asylum Research       Email  |  T: +81 (3) 6630 4595

Andor Technology       Email  |  T: +81 (3) 6732 8968

NanoAnalysis              Email  |  T: +44 (0)1494 442 255

Nanoscience               Email  |  T: +81 (3) 6732 8966

Plasma Technology    Email  |  T: +44 (0)1934 837108 

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