BioLever mini' has a silicon probe of two layer structure.

Each pack contains 24 probes. 
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f = 110 kHz   |   k = 0.09 N/m   |   tip coating: none
'BioLever mini' has a silicon probe of two layer structure. The probe on the probe support looks tetrahedral and the apex is further sharpened by an oxidation process. It shows higher aspect ratio than conventional pyramidal tips.

Outstanding features of BioLever mini:

1. Time saving in AFM data acquisition in liquid
High resonance at around 110 kHz in air and 25 kHz in water while its small spring constant of around 0.1 N/m. The high resonance cantilever is worth while scanning fast to shorten the data acquisition time and to make smooth and quick operation in magnifying a target area on the sample surface.

2. High resolution measurement in liquid
Sharpened silicon tips with its tip radius of 8 nm (typ.)

3. High sensitivity in Force curve measurement in liquid
The short cantilevers with its length of around 40 micro meters become advantageous for high sensitivity of optical beam deflection sensors in AFMs.
The small area lever responds quickly to shape change of bio-moleculars with short relaxation time.
Less noise in thermal vibration spectrum

4. Use in AFM systems combined with a fluorescent optical microscope
Silicon nitride cantilever, minimized its auto fluorescence, would not become an obstacle in fluorescent observation.


  • BL-AC40TS Specifications
  • Frequency (kHz):
  • Spring Constant (N/m):
  • Tip Radius (nm):
  • Tip Height (um):
  • Length, Width, Thickness (µm):
    38 x 16 x 0.2
  • Tip Shape:
    3 sided
  • Tip Material:
  • Tip Coating:
  • Reflective Coating:
  • Manufacturer:


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