Filaments for Cambridge/LEO/Zeiss and AEI (Box of 10)

High quality replacement tungsten filaments for Cambridge, LEO, Zeiss, AEI, FEI, JEOL, Siemens, Camscan, ISI electron and TESCAN electron microscopes.
$ 142.00
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Tungsten filaments are manufactured in our own production labs to the highest standards. The filaments are precision made in custom engineered jigs to ensure complete accuracy of every filament to gain maximum image quality and life expectancy. All filaments are pre-conditioned by flashing under vacuum at temperatures above the normal operating level and are then checked for accuracy of centring. Filament assemblies having alignment screws are subsequently adjusted using a light microscope to ensure that they are ready for immediate operation in electron microscopes.

We can also accept many types of filaments for repair provided the bases are in good condition. Repaired filaments are given the same exacting care as our new filaments.

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