Live Assist - Remote EDS Preventative Maintenance


Our Live Assist software allows for an instant interactive presence by utilizing Merged Reality technology in Conjunction with Team Viewer.

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A remote EDS PM would satisfy the Calibration requirement for many companies. 

This service will need partial assistance from the customer as they will be needed to run the microscope as well as interacting with our engineer using Live Assist and Team Viewer to verify cable connections are secure and the condition of our hardware looks in good shape. 

The remote PM includes Calibration of the EDS detector and resolution verification testing as well as confirming the Image calibration and recalibrating if necessary.  Verification of the distance calibration, communication with the microscope and a thorough test of the software, verifying all automation processes are working as they should be as well as Spectrum Acquisition, Mapping, Linescan, Autolock, Full Quantitative Analysis check and verification, as well as testing the performance of the Oxford PC.

This product Is further enhanced by agreeing to be part of Sentinel, our live telemetry initiative. 

Once you have chosen your access date and completed the purchase you will receive a form to complete. Please include as many details as possible, including your system number and call number if appropriate. Once completed a member of our team will contact you if any further information is required and you will receive connection details for your chosen access date.


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