AFM Consultation via Remote Connection to Customer’s AFM System

Two hours of Remote AFM Consultation with an Oxford Instruments, Asylum Research (OIAR) scientist/engineer.
£ 309.00
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Two hours of Remote AFM Consultation/Training.

One-on-one remote conference time with an Oxford Instruments, Asylum Research (OIAR) scientist/engineer who will assist you with operating your AFM and perform measurements on your experiment/sample. A highspeed internet connection is required on the AFM workstation to allow remote control of AFM software; a webcam is highly encouraged. Scheduling is subject to availability between the customer and OIAR scientist/engineer and may require up to 2 weeks advance notice. Pricing is for 2 hours, 4 hours maximum can scheduled in one day. If time expires before the customer’s goals have been met, additional time must be purchased to continue consultation. 

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