Miltex Biopsy Punch with Plunger, ID 2.0mm, OD 2.36mm, Green/Brown

One disposable sampling tool by Miltex, ideal for tissue processing or forensic applications. ID 2.0mm, OD 2.36mm, Green/Brown.
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The Miltex® Biopsy Punch with Plunger works efficiently with a plunger system as a disposable coring tool. 
Coring, punching and retrieving samples is made easy and effortless.

It is designed to core, punch and retrieve samples from thin or soft substrate source materials that such as tissue, gels, paper, cloth, leaves, paint chips and films and is 
ideal for tissue processing or forensic applications. 

These disposable sampling tools are an alternative for the Harris Uni-Core™ punches. The Miltex® Biopsy Punch with Plunger consists of a ribbed plastic embossed handle to provide you with comfort and control along with a razor sharp seamless stainless steel cutting edge tip.

Each Miltex Biopsy Punch is packaged individually and is sterile. They have a shelf life of 5 years.

Each punch has an internal plunger designed for safe and efficient removal of the specimen from the tip. These punches are available in 5 core size diameters: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0mm. All punches are colour coded by size. Maximum depth: 7mm. When contamination is not an issue, the Miltex Biopsy Punch is reusable after cleaning.

Cleaning tip: Clean cutting in between each sample extraction by coring blank filter paper; rinse with ethanol or spray with compressed air to remove dried artifacts.

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