Vacuum Capacitor AMU

Upgrading to latest AMU will include a firmware update and replacement of all parts. There will be a reduction in system failures, resulting in a decrease in cost of overall ownership of the system.

The Vac cap AMU design has eliminated any arching possibility and will improve MTBF for air vane configured tools.
For availability and prices please request a quote.


Upgrade now to the Vacuum Capacitor AMU and reduce your Cost of Ownership.

We would like to inform customers the air vane AMU as fitted on PlasmaPro 80, PlasmaPro 100 is now obsolete.

The new replacement for the air vane AMU’s is the Vacuum Capacitor AMU which has been designed to offer customers an increase in productivity due to a decrease in downtime.

Upgrading to the Vacuum Capacitor AMU is an exchange of the current fitted air vane AMU, the vacuum Capaictor AMU includes a firmware update which has enhanced mactching algorithm The vacuum capacitor AMU works with fast gas switching processes as used on PlasmaPro100 Cobra and PlasmaPro Estrelas.

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