MERC-IPS-120 Mercury IPS 120 A 10 V superconducting magnet power supply

MERC-IPS-120 MercuryIPS 120 A 10 V superconducting magnet power supply
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MERC-IPS-120 Mercury IPS 120 A 10V superconducting magnet power supply, The Mercury iPS is configurable and is made up of two units: The Mercury main unit E1-060 and Mercury secondary unit E1-061.

Main and secondary units with configurations available in series and parallel combinations up to 600 A.

For example, 180 A with +/- 20V output or 600 A with +/- 10V.

The basic model includes:
• 120 A superconducting magnet power supply with single channel temperature monitoring, switch heater control, iSense intelligent quench magnet monitoring (upgradable up to 8 additional temperature sensing channels)
• Power cable
• Manual on CD
• Switch heater lead
• Main to Secondary link leads
• Mercury LabView drivers
• Documentation, firmware updates, generic sensor calibration files
• Magnet current lead and switch heater cable to be purchased separately

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