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Our Live Assist software allows for an instant interactive presence by utilising Merged Reality technology. Prices displayed are for 1 hour of support on a topic of your choice. 

Our engineers are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Simply choose the day of the session you would like and once you have booked our team will contact you finalise the date and go over the finer details. 
€ 275.00
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Our Live Assist software allows for an instant interactive presence by utilising Merged Reality technology.

Using Merged Reality technology we will be a virtual presence to get you back on your feet in no time at all.

If you have experienced a software or hardware failure we can identify the fault and work with you to solve the issue and return you to productivity. This maximises uptime and minimises operating costs, only pay for support when you need it.

This product Is further enhanced by agreeing to be part of Sentinel, our live telemetry initiative. 

Once you have chosen your access date and completed the purchase you will receive a form to complete. Please include as many details as possible, including your system number and call number if appropriate. Once completed a member of our team will contact you if any further information is required and you will receive connection details for your chosen access date.

Live Assist connections will typically last around 1-2 hours although this varies greatly with the issue complexity. Unfortunately, not all issues can be solved with a virtual presence. In these cases we will endeavour to outline a clear pathway to return you to productivity.

For more information about how Live Assist works click here to watch this video.

LiveAssist evolves with your requirements, so that you always get the most from your systems. Benefits include:

  • Instant virtual presence, with immediate guidance
  • Empowering you with our knowledge and support
  • Access to the experts within the global OI team for your specific application
  • Global real time network
  • Maximised uptime
  • Minimised operating costs
  • Virtual in-lab training
  • Virtual in-lab assistance giving the support professional the complete 360 lab view

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