MercuryIPS 60A superconducting magnet power supply. slave unit:

MercuryiPS 60A 10V superconducting magnet power supply slave unit
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The MercuryiPS is a programmable superconducting magnet power supply using the same platform as the MercuryiTC temperature controller. It offers best in class stability performance (less than +/- 2.8 mA at 120 A). It is optimised for accuracy and low noise and offers multi-axis magnet control. The Mercury iPS is configurable, the design is based on 60 A master and slave units with configurations available in series and parallel combinations up to 600 A. For example 180 A with +/- 20V output or 600 A with +/- 10V. Please contact your local sales office for more information and a quotation. 60A 10V superconducting magnet power supply slave unit to be used in conjunction with MercuryiPS master unit, switch heater control, iSense intelligent quench magnet monitoring (upgradable up to 8 additional temperature sensing channels) • Power cable • Downloadable Manual • Master to Slave link leads • Mercury LabView drivers • Documentation, firmware updates, generic sensor calibration files, and more are available upon registration at • Magnet current leads and switch heater cable to be purchased separately

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