Silicon probe. 1500 kHz. 6 N/m

Each pack contains 10 probes. 

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f = 1500 kHz   |   tip coating: none

FS-1500: Fast Scanning – with Au Reflex coating 

Fast BoardTM AFM Probes

SurfRiderTM AFM probes are a new line of probes sold exclusively by Oxford Instruments.
The Fast BoardTM series in this line are designed specifically for high speed imaging in air and liquid. Their high resonance frequency (typically 1.5 MHz) combined with their compensated quality factor enables them to deliver extreme imaging speed and outstanding sensitivity without loss of resolution or force control.

FS-1500 probes are made from highly doped monolithic silicon to dissipate static charge. They feature a triangular cantilever with the tip positioned at the very end to allow easy positioning of the tip on the area of interest.
Additionally, these probes offer a typical tip radius of less than 10 nm.

Why Choose Fast BoardTM Probes for Your High Speed Imaging?
  • High speed and ultra-sharp probes help your AFM achieve its highest performance.
  • Highest quality and tightest tolerances probes ensure consistent results.
  • Compatible with blueDrive™, GetReal™, and GetStarted™ for simpler operation.
  • The industry’s best customer support will help you select the optimal probe type


  • FS-1500AuD Specifications
  • Frequency (kHz):
  • Spring Constant (N/m):
  • Tip Radius (nm):
  • Tip Height (um):
  • Length, Width, Thickness (µm):
    35 x 42 x 0.8
  • Tip Shape:
  • Tip Material:
  • Tip Coating:
  • Reflective Coating:
  • Manufacturer:
    Asylum Research

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