Dumont Tweezers N5AC

Anti-capillary tweezers. Stainless steel. Self-closing, super-fine, anti-capillary tips. Length 110mm.
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These anti-capillary tweezers from Dumont are made from the finest stainless steel, meaning they are resistant to rusting and corrosion.

The self-closing, super-fine, anti-capillary precision tips measure 0.07 x 0.02mm and they have been specially crafted to avoid having a narrow gap between points which can fill with water when picking up grids.

You must ensure you use them carefully as they are very delicate: We are unfortunately unable to give a guarantee against any breakage of the tips. These crossover anti-capillary tweezers are recommended for most applications since the pressure on the fine tips is determined by the spring in legs of the tweezer.

The tweezers will withstand temperatures of about 400°C but are not suitable for autoclave sterilisation at 180°C. They can also become magnetic.

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