Self-pressurising Liquid Nitrogen Dewar 120 litres

Self-pressurising Liquid Nitrogen Dewar 120 litres
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Self pressurising liquid nitrogen vessels is suitable for a host of applications within the industrial, medical, research and cryo-biological fields. Each vessel has been designed to automatically maintain pressure at a pre-set level using the integral pressure building circuit Features :- • Dual liquid fill / decant valves for convenience • Colour coded valves • Automatic pressure building circuit • Mounted on square base with high quality castors • Tri-cock to prevent overfilling • Welded on manifold as standard. • Valve protection ring handle Stainless steel construction • Capacity (litre) 120 • Diameter (mm) 535 • Height (mm) 1281 • Weight Empty (kg) 112 • Weight Full LN2 (kg) 187 • Max Working Pressure (bar) 4.0 • Static Evaporation Rate % per day 1.2

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