INCA / AZtec Wave Training


This course is made up of 2 days of training consisting of presentations and instruction from a live EDS and WDS combined system.

Please book your course at least 3 weeks before the start date to give us enough time to arrange. Courses are for customers who have used the systems for a while, have basic operational knowledge rather than completely new users.
For availability and prices please request a quote.


INCA / AZtec Wave is Oxford Instruments’ combined (EDS) and Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometry (WDS) system allowing for the simultaneous acquisition of ED and WD spectra for quantitative analysis.

This course consists of 2 days of training and includes the following:

Course Objectives:

  • Train the user how to optimize analytical conditions for different applications and materials for WDS analysis
  • Attendees become proficient in the operation of the AZtec Wave software.
  • Learn how to interpret qualitative and quantitative results.

Course Outline:

  • Basic Introduction to X-ray generation and WDS analysis
  • Overview of WD Spectrometer.
  • Overview of Aztec Wave software
    1. Creating both EDS and WDS user standards in AZtec
    2. Checking the Spectrometer: determining whether your system is operating properly.
    3. Using the simulated WD spectrum.
    4. Associating ED and WD beam measurements for combined analysis.
    5. Spectral Scans in INCA Wave.
  • Quantitative analysis theory and practical considerations

 Note: It is recommended that anyone attending this course should be familiar with the AZtec EDS system or have attended one the AZtec EDS courses prior to attending this class.


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