Live Assist - NanoAnalysis Elite Consultation

Our suite of support software and our expertise. 
The prices displayed are for elite consultation calls, which typically last 3 hours.

Our engineers are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Simply choose the day of the session you would like and once you have booked our team will contact you finalise the date and go over the finer details. 
$ 600.00


Our expertise will help you get the best results every time.

If you are looking to optimise your workflow or need advice on how to tackle a new sample type our experts are ready to assist you. With our Merged Reality technology we can become a virtual assistant, guiding you to your best results.

Once you have chosen your access date and completed the purchase you will receive a form to complete. Please include as many details as possible, including the sample type and analysis type. Once completed a member of our team will contact you if any further information is required and you will receive connection details for your chosen access date.

During an Elite Consultation we will ensure you are left with a workflow that optimises your time and ensures you get the best out of our products. An Elite Consultation typically lasts 3-4 hours, although this varies based on your experience and sample complexity.

Please note: Live assist also includes “Traditional” TeamViewer direct PC control where appropriate.

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