Graphene / 2D Materials
The 2004 report by Novoselov and Geim on transistors made from single-layer graphitic films created overnight the field of graphene AFM research. This single, free-standing plane of carbon atoms has proven to exhibit many unique and desirable properties: it provides a high surface area, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, and superior mechanical strength. Graphene is an ideal two-sided surface without a bulk in between, has the highest known room-temperature carrier mobility, 25 times the thermal conductivity of silicon, a reported Young's modulus of ~1 TPa and breaking strength approaching the theoretical limit. Potentials for breakthrough technologies thus abound, including: next generation electronics (quantum computing, spintronics); energy collection and storage (photovoltaics, fuel cells, supercapacitors); nanoelectromechanical (NEMS) devices and resonators; and electrochemical sensors and lab-on-chip biosensors. This has also spurred attendant interest in other 2D materials such as MoS2 and boron nitride films.

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