Quantifoil 1.2um dia (1.3um) 300 Mesh Gold (Pack of 10)

Quantifoil 1.2um dia (1.3um) 300 Mesh Gold (Pack of 10)
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Quantifoils®, produced by semiconductor lithographic techniques, are 15 - 20nm thick perforated carbon films with precise, well defined hole sizes, shapes and arrays.

Quantifoil support films provide a high percentage of open area in addition to minimising total specimen thickness. Object distortions arising from interactions with the support film are also reduced. They are particularly suited for cryo applications, tomography and low dose microscopy (LEEP).

Circular hole, size 1.2µm dia, separation 1.3µm, pitch 2.5µm

The QUANTIFOIL Holey Carbon Film is about 10 to 12nm thick. Due to residuals from the production process the overall thickness of the support foil is about 20nm. In case those residuals have a negative impact on your results we recommend to wash the grids with chloroform, ethylacetat and aceton or to plasma clean them before use. They can be made more hydrophilic using standard glow discharge and plasma systems.

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