Platinum Aperture 10mm dia x 0.1mm Hole 20um

Platinum Aperture 10mm dia x 0.1mm Hole 20um
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We have a wide range of high quality disc apertures for use in electron microscopes, and Focus Ion Beam, microprobe and X-ray systems. These apertures are manufactured to tight tolerances with precision drilled holes.

They are usually made from a platinum/iridium alloy 95:5 % or molybdenum, although tantalum can be supplied for some applications. Platinum apertures can be made with hole sizes down to 5µm diameter whereas the smallest size for molybdenum is 10µm.

We maintain a stock of all the regularly used aperture sizes with disc diameters and thicknesses to suit all current EM systems. We also have apertures for systems which are no longer manufactured but are still in use. Please note: molybdenum forms an oxide layer when stored for long periods. We can therefore guarantee the material for no longer than 4 - 6 weeks. The apertures can also be used for non-electron microscopy applications where precision small holes are required for light optics, gas and liquid flow purposes.

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