Also known as OTESPA with Au reflex coating; silicon probe with visible apex tip for tapping mode.

Each pack contains 10 probes. 
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f = 300 kHz   |   k = 26 N/m   |   tip coating: none

New OLYMPUS OMCL-AC series cantilevers are designed for AC mode AFM in air.

OMCL-AC series cantilever has a tetrahedral tip on the exact end of the cantilever.

Outstanding features of new tetrahedral probe:

Suitable for use with a wide range of sample surfaces:
The mid-range mechanical properties [resonance frequency: 300 kHz, spring constant: 26 N/m] of OMCLAC160TS-R3 allow for precise and gentle sample imaging.

Doped silicon cantilever:
The cantilever is made from silicon with a low surface resistance of 0.1 - 0.4 Ω・cm, 1/20 resistance of our conventional cantilevers.

Acclaimed 'TipView' structure:
The probe can be easily positioned at the exact point of your interest. The tip is located at the exact end of the cantilever so the tip apex is not obscured during optical observation.

Ideally point terminated tip:
The tip is tetrahedral, ideally point terminated. The tip apex 1 micron or more is further sharpened.

New concept chip:
The ideally parallel side-walls of the chip make tweezing easy and eliminate problems with chipping and debris.



  • AC160TSA-R3 Specifications
  • Frequency (kHz):
  • Spring Constant (N/m):
  • Tip Radius (nm):
  • Tip Height (um):
  • Tip Shape:
    3 sided
  • Tip Material:
  • Manufacturer:

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