Dumont Biology Tweezers 5 - Titanium (0.05 x 0.01mm tip)

Dumont Biology Tweezers 5 Titanium. 0.05 x 0.01mm tip.
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High precision Biology 5 Dumont tweezers made from Titanium with self-closing, super fine tips measuring 0.05 x 0.01mm. 

These optimum titanium tweezers from Dumont are the highest grade available with the thinnest tips and are non-magnetic and hard-wearing, resistant to corrosion from nitric acid, chloride and salt water which means they can be steam cleaned. They are suitable for most laboratory and fine engineering use.

The non magnetic properties make them ideal for use with nickel grids. These titanium Dumont 5 tweezers are resistant to temperatures up to 430 degrees and make ease of the most demanding work. These Dumont 5 tweezers also come in Dumoxel and stainless steel.

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