OCT Compound 118ml

Scigen OCT compound provides a water-soluble blend matrix for embedding medium for frozen tissue specimens.
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OCT Compound contains a blend of glycols and resins that are water soluble to provide a convenient specimen matrix for cryostat sectioning at temperatures of -10˚C and below.

OCT is clear and leaves no residue, which means it does not stain. Once dissected, the tissue can be mounted in OCT Compound and can be frozen between -20 and -80˚C. 

Supplied in a 118ml (4oz) squeeze bottle, Tissue-Plus O.C.T. Compound is a worldwide solution for embedding frozen tissue specimens to ensure optimal cutting temperature.

  • Clear, colorless solution contains no particles.
  • A water soluble cryostat embedding medium for tissue specimen sectioning and storage.
  • Provides convenient specimen matrix for cryostat sectioning below -10°C 
  • Can be frozen between -10° and -80°C
  • Leaves no residue on slides during staining procedure.
  • Provides an exact freeze point resulting in a homogenous matrix along with thinner sections
  • Will not dull cryostat blades.

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